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Long-Term Relationship or Soulmate - I'm unique, among other things!

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March 28th, 2007

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10:31 pm - Long-Term Relationship or Soulmate


"Long term relationship" is a common, contemporary term for intimate interpersonal relationships that may be life long and may or may not consist in marriage.

"Soulmate" (or soul mate) is a term sometimes used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, friendship, love, intimacy, sexuality, and/or compatibility.

Lately, people have been curious and asking me who this special someone is in my life. And usually my response has been no response, and it will continue to be no response. Because MYSPACE doesn't have criteria that says "Soulmate"; and I've always been under the strong belief (since I was 12), that I want to find and meet my "Soulmate" instead of having a "long-term relationship". Sure, I get extremely lonely and I want attention... and I get jealous when other people around me have someone and I don't. Yet, I'm always remembered by the fact that when I was with someone there was always that lingering forceful nagging feeling inside of myself telling me that the woman I'm with isn't the one I'm meant to be with. We've all felt that, and I know a lot of people who have settled for just someone instead of the one they are meant to be with.

We should never just "settle" for anyone, we should search with our soul, heart, and mind; for that one person that completely needs, wants, and understands us for who we are, that is capable of meeting you on a level that transcends any past feeling you've ever felt. And I mean a level that transcends maybe even what is understood in this shallow and judgemental world. Like for instance, He or She could be 10 or 20 years younger or older then you, a different race or culture, a different religion, or better yet may not even live in the same country as you. And in some cases, your Soulmate may be your next door neighbor, or your long-time best friend. In any case, your Soulmate is literally out there waiting for you or you're waiting for them.

Meeting people and having a relationship in this world has always been an easy thing for me, I'm elusive, outgoing, sensitive, sensual, selfless, quiet, and extremely romantic; and I have honorable and attractive qualities within myself that make me extremely attractive to a woman.

But there are fundamental differences in my opinion between a "Long-Term Relationship" and a "Soulmate". First off, I don't want a long-term relationship, mainly because I get bored very quickly... and I'm quick to dump a woman once I've come to the conclusion she isn't the one for me. And even though I'll feel bad about it in the days after my decision, in the long run, I know that my decision was the right one in my heart and in the depths of my soul. And Secondly, I don't like to prolong the inevitable and I rather leave a relationship whether it is good or not... just because if the SPARK isn't there, why spend your days, months, and years... trying to re-ignite a SPARK in a relationship that never had a SPARK to begin with. I don't want a small or 
an insignificant spark!


And I've heard it all before... BUT I LOVE HIM/HER okay... so if you're in love... so you should feel that unbearable heat that engulfs you and your mate. It should engulf you everytime you talk to that person, everytime you see that person, and you both should long to be in that timeless inferno, because you're both alive and happy when you're wrapped in that INFERNO OF PASSION that comes from the love you both share for each other.

I know most will understand what I'm talking about, and I'm sure most won't understand what I'm talking about. Most people have a deep understanding and feeling of the powerful significance of LOVE; and that it's more then just a word or an emotion... it's a way of living and expressing yourself for that one person. If you have to become a BITCH or an ASSHOLE to your boyfriend/girlfriend in order to get attention or love, then maybe you need to ask yourself the "Relationship Question" is this a "Long-Term Relationship"" or is this person my "Soulmate". I doesn't matter how old you are... you could be 16, 20, 24, 29, 35, 50, or pushing 65... the search for your Soulmate concludes when you decide to conclude it.

Of course, let's not forget ourselves in the process; because believe it or not... you know your worth in this world if you:

"Know thyself, Value thyself, Engage thyself."

So in conclusion, my feelings for my potential Soulmate in life are deep, passionate, and extremely intense. Not because I want it to be but just for the simple fact that it is; we see each other in our dreams, where we lay on the grassy hillsides embracing each other under the stars overlooking the ocean. Whenever I close my eyes and dream... she is right there... staring up at me. She defines beauty and love... because she is someone that has been able to capture my true essence. I can write songs and poems about her; and whenever we talk... I get hot... I MEAN STEAMY HOT *melts*!

And even though, I can't be with her, she remains always with me... so yeah... that damn MYSPACE thing might say I'm in a "Long-Term Relationship"; but in my heart... it's so much more... and it transcends so much more. And the relationships we seek and have with people should be more then what they currently are... we should make them more then what we have ever dreamed. Because life is too short to be waiting for that so-called mate in your life... "you claim you love" in your heart to come around to seeing you for the wonderful and loving person you are. So instead of waiting... go out and search for your TRUE LOVE and SOULMATE; because I can guarantee you, that person is searching for you.

"Treat yourself with love and respect, and you will attract people who show you love and respect" – The Secret

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